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Reviews for "Spooky Starlets BETA 0.3"

Still no tutorial, just drops you into some weird gameplay based on numbers you don't even see. This is an obvious patreon cash grab

I selected all scenes and details for the film, and then clicked on the Shoot Film button but nothing happens. Complete garbage!

I use to think that this would maybe become a decent full game with enough time, but seeing now that you're keeping that guest character made by the team from two of the longest running patreon scams I know, I'm lead to believe that you don't have any real intent at making anything close to a finished product and just want to leech money out of people who think that you will.

Weak as fuck. Where's the new spiral clicker? Lmao

the game won't load for me, just a black screen, is there a way to download the game instead of playing it on a browser ?