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Reviews for "Spooky Starlets BETA 0.3"


Confused but aroused. I mean...uh...interested...

I have two questions and two complaints. question 1 is, to put it simply is, what the hell is my goal? I'm assuming more stars is better, but what's the point of the clovers, spades, diamonds and hearts? My second question is, why does it just skip over some scenes? sometimes I'll set up this nice set of scenes that flow well and make sense together, and then I'll hit play and be greeted by one of the three and a results screen. My first complaint is that, at least for me, the left arrow on the intro selection screen is broken, and prevents moving to the left. This means that if you ever select the "Mommy Play" option with Susie or Camella you are soft-locked, as you can't select it again, and it's the only one on the screen. The second is that the Heroes and Villains Theme always results in a 0, even though it should be a 50% chance. I've done it 6 times, and each time approached with 2 rerolls, and not once have I had a score of 12. Maybe I just have bad luck, but there should be about a 0.0003% chance of that happening.

it might just be something to do with my browser but I was only getting audio the screen was just black again my computer is an ancient refurbished piece of crap so it might not be the game but its something worth looking into I'm giving two stars for the audio because it was well done but also because I wasn't able to test anything else

The game is alright, but a little slow and laggy on my end. Also, requires basic instructions on how to play. What does running down the timer mean? Unlocking cg is important or something instead of getting the money? Using chrome btw so it should be faster. Any suggestions to make the game less laggy on my end, or is it laggy for everyone?