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Reviews for "The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - Ending"

The quality and work you put into these is stunning every time Narmak.

The Goofy Goober Arc in the manga was my favorite. The one where Spongebob went out to seek the aid of Master Goofy Goober in the remote training grounds of Shell City, but couldn't find him. The scene where Squidward and Doodle Bob ambushes him in shell city, but a last minute awakening to true enlightenment shows Spongebob that there was no Master Goofy Goober, for he was Master Goofy Goober all along. He just had to tap into his inner spazatronic ki energy to achieve his god-like potential. Man it was great. Also absolutely love this new ending theme in the anime!

Aniplex needs you...

hm, "ending" ? means there is more of this ? wow! im digging NG for it right now! it was epic!

Oh, I've heard this song!