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Reviews for "The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - Ending"

This video has nothing much except for what was in the previous videos...
video transitions every 3 or 5 seconds, gritty facial expressions, someone crying, someone giving a serious face or looking stoic, and some blood and dirt mixed in.

I know this is an ending sequence, and its suppose to look like the way that it does.
Its just that...this is nothing new.
your last two animations looked exactly alike.

The animation and drawings are definitely great, but they feel watered-down, because we've seen this style so many times before.

The song....
Did you make that yourself?
Otherwise you should give credit somewhere.
(unless you already did, its written in japanese, and I missed it.)

I don't know,
but a bunch of dramatic close ups and serious faces is kind of getting old and feeling over played.

Narmak responds:

That's fair, the main reason I made this was to emulate anime endings and how they are pretty basic (running and walking because of anime studios reusing practice walk cycles and such). Also, while making the anime short, I realized I didn't have an ending so I whipped this up in the meantime! Thanks for the feedback.


Can't really say how much I love it since a lot of these people said it before I can.

The Goofy Goober Arc in the manga was my favorite. The one where Spongebob went out to seek the aid of Master Goofy Goober in the remote training grounds of Shell City, but couldn't find him. The scene where Squidward and Doodle Bob ambushes him in shell city, but a last minute awakening to true enlightenment shows Spongebob that there was no Master Goofy Goober, for he was Master Goofy Goober all along. He just had to tap into his inner spazatronic ki energy to achieve his god-like potential. Man it was great. Also absolutely love this new ending theme in the anime!

Nickelodeons anime. Spongebob is mah fav.

can you make a episode of this i would love to see that