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Reviews for "PARTY GAMES"

Man the amount of work here is pretty incredible, on par with early day zone stuff. What i really like though is that you do your own thing, porn parodies are nice and all but oc should be out there as well.

va's were decent even though you worked with really strong stereotypes xD I wonder if you can keep that level of quality up, seems you already had to cut back on the backgrounds, which is not a problem because it was okay in that scenario :D

Oh and the porn itself was well animated as well! I am looking forward to new content, toodles <3

I've always followed your art on tumblr and twitter and you never cease to amaze me, keep up the good work! And awesome choices on voice actors roo. You all are beyond talented!!

Art and VA-work is incredibly solid.
The "instructions" parts were cutely made.
The overall chibi scenes helped liven it up.
The character designs are pretty nice. Except the "bunny". They just look dumb. Even accounting for "looking dumb on purpose" designs.

But yeah, "plot" wise, it's kinda like you go out of your way to make it as bad as possible on purpose xP It really comes out as filler basically no-one watches and just skips over. So it feels like wasted resources at times.

First sex scene felt really bland. Might have been on purpose. But the "bunny" design was really inconsistent between shots. And the female was flat and very "faking it without needs".
But I guess those into that will at least enjoy.

Second was similar. Just lazy with the copy pasted vag. And stripping any character personality in order to make them identical for the obligatory lewd with the "infinite stamina, useless at sex dude". (His arms clip quite a bit in this section too) And you even included a meme.

Third is just another repeat. Same lazy copy paste. Same personality. Same sex scenes.
There's some outliers and kinda neat angles. But it was dragging out even on the second scene.
Just lots of scenes that don't go anywhere. Her hair also goes stiff in the doggy scene.

It's also a weird AF ending.
Very "porn" but still felt above regular porn dumb.
"You won and didn't get raped, sexually abused and neglected. Here's your price: Getting even more raped, sexually abused and neglected than the other!"
All while the rest of the girls just stand and drool for minutes while each other is systematically "porn raped" and left cold turkey.

You could easily have cut at least half of it. As you didn't care about the fluff.
The females were flat with no effort put into them. Just carbon copy pastes with essentially different hats. No distinguishable features. (aside from the most superficial.) Just identical in junk and behavior.
The "bunnies" even less so.

This whole thing could have just been "Shit, did you roofie the marhsmallows?" *Cue rape*
And a lot of VA work and time wouldn't have been wasted.
As always, I rate by the lowest score in a project and well...
It's like you go out of your way to be lazy, but at the same time: bend over backwards to extremely selectively shove a ton of time and effort some parts while neglecting the rest.

It started off really neat with potential then kinda... "throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks!" and "use the tropes! ALL OF THEM!". It's like you start having some original/good idea. Then panic and copy everyone else before something interesting may happen.

Art 4.5 but the Plot 0.5

It's people like Derpixon that make me lose NNN