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Reviews for "PARTY GAMES"

I was so close to losing nnn

It was Fricking amazing dude

OOH! Absolutely loved this one! Fandel Tales was amazing, but in my opinion, I think tis may have been better! You really have come a long way since your past animations. Can't wait for more of your amazing content my guy!

Having known Derp for years now and seeing the little flash loops that they made back on Hentai Foundry, compared to the movies they have produced and spent months at a time working on really makes me take a step back and look at what they have done, it makes me happy for them, and proud, I always thought Derp should get as much attention as possible, even if it never happened, to the very least I hoped that they would achieve better skill and make even more beautiful works as they continue their time on the internet.

Now, the real meat of this, the review. I have been very excited to see this one for a one core reason. The character designs. I know all the sex shit would be great so even though I know I would like that, it would be decided by how good the characters looked, sounded, and acted. They were pretty much perfect, they are stereotypes that don't seem over baring or cliche, well maybe Mari a little, but she is still funny and I like her grunt like voice during the sex scenes so it makes up for some of the short comings. Same could be said at the other characters if you nitpick enough, regardless, they are all amazing in my eyes and you can tell Derp spent a good amount of time figuring out their proportions, color palette, and what type of faces would be made for them. You can see that through the characters, Derps style has matured and evolved even. It feels fresh seeing Derp challenge themselves with many different angles and scenes, sex loops or otherwise. Also the comedic scenes show this in many ways. Especially at the end, Derp gives it their all and it shows. I could go on and on about some of the things in this animation but, honestly, it already sounds like I am trying to get attention with how much I praise them, so let wrap this up.

While I don't know how Derp views their own work, I hope that they are proud with it because it was really great, especially considering the length of it all put in.
Amazing as always, 'till the next animation!

HE should have stuffed the mashmellows up their asses..

animation quality was fucking amazing

Amazing as always!