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Reviews for "PARTY GAMES"

Ok, so The Stuffy Bunny is basically a prison shower guy named Tyrone.
Just replace the word Soap with Marshmallows. You can't drop either of them.
What I'm trying to say is that his introduction gave me a very rapey vibe. I know it was supposed to be rapey, but I could feel it from my screen. Freaking shivers.

Right now I love the variety of characters in this animation.
The pretty, the slutty, the gothic, the nerdy, and the Tyrone. They all adapted to their role very very well, and they fit their emotions, their moans, their grunts, their tears, and their giggles to make this something top-notch. Tyrone's grunts really made it too, you know? You did good work picking these people out Derpixion.

The animation was godly btw. My fuck. That tongue swirl Valentine gave was the bestest thing I've seen in a while. From The tongue swirls to the tears, to looks of utter defeat and disappointment to the looks of horror and malicious intent, Everything here was making me feel sad, happy, concerned, and above all else, horny. The detail on their faces is astonishing; whether it is in moments of neutrality, moments of lust, or when it's just to be funny, all of their faces are so developed when the sex went on, so good shit dude. Not only that, but you also make sure to take care of the finner, lesser details, such as the background, the random lights, the drips from the vag, the tone of the muscles and the body even the splashes of it as it comes down onto the screen. Your work just does nothing but improve with each animation.TLDR; Excellent work on the animation.

Really liked the music btdubs. It fits each scenario and intensified the feelings of that scenario. From defeat to joy to getting down and dirty with it all, I got it a lot better on with the music that was playing. Muchas gracias for that one.

That ending gave me so many tones of Doki Doki Literature club mixed with Undertale. So much horror and atrocities, so much vulgarity, It was as if I was watching someone commit accuse another person of committing a war crime because of this scene. You made excellent work to putting my fear boner WAY higher than it needed to be. I'm trying to just say that was exemplary work of your skills in horror, and it was wonderful that you put it in here.

Final note, the humor was fan fucking tastic. I didn't know if I should have been laughing, cumming, or perhaps both. Again, great work to all of the voice actors for making the humor as lighthearted but alluring at the same time.

Y'all are doing fantastic work here. I hope to see how y'all improve in your future projects.
Keep it up bb's. <3

hmmm i wanna help them too

The artstyle was really nice, and the personalities of the girls, too. Sunny is a lot creepier and hilarious than she was in Artist Migration.
The position Fiona is in near the end, taken from behind with the camera below her, really appeals to me.

Lovely work!

Please keep it up and continue adding in the pink haired character pretty please. c:

This is just freaking awesome! Seriously. Great stuff. Acting and Animation both on point