Reviews for "Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure"

Great game! Thanks!

how to get the full game on pc?

What do you mean ... "there is no time for this"? There's always time for tits.

Excellent Jeu. La plupart des escape games sont pas terribles mais avec celui la je me suis éclaté. Merci !

Game was really good.Good balance on the puzzles between being hard but still challenging, I liked the unlimited hints since it allowed me to to keep a good pace while playing and it was entertaining all the way through. Only complaints I have is how it kept resetting to the language I have my computer on even though I kept putting it in english (but that might be my computer's fault) and the portuguese spoken in the game isn't the portuguese from Portugal but the portuguese from Brazil so the flag being used is wrong (but that's just a small annoyance). Overall it's 5/5