Reviews for "Start Powerless"

It was a good platformer puzzle.

This is actually really good! Maybe add some more levels to it??

Very simplistic, very easy, easy to learn, easy to master, and heck of a LOT fun to play!

A solid game, but holy shit is it rage inducing sometimes! :D

Neat game. There's a lot more potential for puzzles than you covered here, but thanks to the high pacing the game stays interesting regardless. Also, I like how dymanic the art is, but it could really use some nicer colors. It also feels off that the walls have depth (dark & light highlights) but everything else doesn't.

Btw, I had no idea that you could change the game speed in every level, I thought you had to decide in the menu. It really would've helped me out, as I sometimes found the platforming a tad too difficult.

A speedrun option would work quite well (though how you deal with the different speeds is a different story).