Reviews for "Family Mansion"

Loved it.
Very, very, very reccomended.

the game reminds me of touhou

tobyalden responds:

Touhou was definitely an inspiration ^__^

noice. good shit

The controls felt a bit too stiff sometimes, but maybe I wasn't POWERFUL enough for it. Yet. Then I got gud, and now I can benchpress copies of Dark Souls like nobody's business.

Also, the game has an "ugh family reunions smh" brand of comedy that I absolutely adore. Great game all around.

Dude I love this game!!! It's really good, like challenging solid controls and beautiful pixel graphics! And the funny dialogue just ties it all together and you got yourself one spooky, yet funny little bullet-hell boss rush! Perfect for Halloween and playing for anytime!! I hope you go on to expand the game or make a new one!! I love this game and I still play it all the time!! I hope you have a wonderful career, even if it is just a hobby!