Reviews for "Le Chat Foncé: Treats or Treats!"

Happy Halloween!

I really liked the game and liked being able to switch between costumes, but I cannot find the underworld costume anywhere in the game. I got to the highest and lowest houses, but I don't have the costume, so I can't get candy from them. Also, my candy count changed to "0/5" randomly. Essentially, I'm stuck, and I have no clue where to go from here.
If I ever figure it out, I'll come back to give it five stars

Edit: Just realized that all of the pumpkins represented characters from The Room. I have changed my rating to five stars

Are you brasiliam, dude? By the way, great game. Love it. Favorite.

I need help.

interesting game. Was having fun, then couldn't follow the home arrow.
Talked to Ghosts, Pumpkins, Crows.
Got all 4 costumes.
Matched all the houses to costumes.
Got the highest house and the lowest houses.
Does the choice you make allow you to do different stuff?
Anyway enjoyed the action and the silly dialogue.