Reviews for "-Lines Fading-"

The flutes are extremely hollow at 0:25
Other than that, the song doesn't sound well mixed, but hey, that's just your style, I guess.
4/5: not really that bad.


It's really, really good. I'm a little worried when I saw the dnb tag, since your last dnb song (relentless) was below your standards, but this drumwork is amazing. Great job.

GG! Cant wait to see this be popular

That's a masterpiece! As always, actually. The style and sound design is similar to Relentless and Absent. You said that you're going back to the styles of your earlier years, well, I don't think so. I think it's your new style you invented this year. So, keep working in this style! I love it, it's very original and unusual!
Especcialy I love your creepy basses. Did you make it yourself? I'd like to make the similar basses, but it's not my style, actually. My style is bright, happy and light.
So yeah, awesome song! Keep working this way!