Reviews for "-Lines Fading-"

reminds me a lot of your old Clutterfunk part 2 song. fast paced, factory-like, and generically overall chill.

keep up the cool work, like always!

Really love this kind of melody. The part at 3:00 blows me away!

it is pretty good stuff. plzzzzzzzz try something kind of jazz like plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hey, this is actually a half decent DnB track! You could probably pop it off in a rave ;D maybe with some extra mastering or levelling on mixer anyways.

I like the ominous intro. It's a little slow to develop in the beginning, but by around :50 I'm really enjoying the dark techno beats. I really appreciate how you introduced some more melodic content at around 1:30. The beats get pretty complex at 2:30 or so, and it really shows off your great sense of rhythm. I like how this piece is very stylistically similar to some of your older tracks, yet uses a sound design that still evokes VGM. The piece has tons of variety, if not much cohesion from what I can tell after one listen. You did a great job with the final climactic part at 4:45, though. The sweep at the end really evoked someone sneaking up on me! I think the mood and atmosphere of the piece was my favorite element. Great job overall! Keep it up, Waterflame. ;)