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Reviews for "The Mad Knight"

Good animation, ever true to madness... Smooth style too.. But there were a few logistic flaws. At four points in the story, the knights had golden opportunities to kill the mad knight. There were gaps in his defenses, they landed a few hits, or could have been less "plot stupid" if they had any sense of self preservation. The mad knight needs to be "angrier" and "madder" to not allow such openings to exist, otherwise he "should be dead" right now (I am reminded of that time Finn from SWTFA got captured by the rathtar that killed all the other people on the ship, but "not Finn because plot"; that is bad writing). What irked me the most is where they all decided to "grab him" instead of actually just slicing into him, shank him, or backstab him.

But I'm a critic. When I know something is going to be good, I look for the flaws, because for how good it is, I know I'd be overwhelmed by the strengths. All in all, it was a good anim.. I'm going to give you four stars, and withhold the fifth so you have room to improve.

Overall nice, altrough there are sometimes issues with "infinite ammo" and with mooks sometimes being a bit too stupid

GabrielBarsch responds:

what do you mean ''infinite ammo'' ? there are like 5 arrows in the quiver

This is no longer an April fools joke.

GabrielBarsch responds:


Well, I appreciate the dedication to the concept, but this had some issues. Some of the movements, especially in the first half, look really stilted, slow, just kinda unnatural. I do like the medieval kills and enemies and there was some nice humor, but it didn't get in the way of the action. The whole jester thing and shootingI the apple off the guy's head. Like I said, in the second half, it all got a lot better. There were some cool swordfights and some badass fatalities. The slicing was brutal and I live the way the mace worked, it had weight but wasn't your standard crush eevrything fare, it was pretty realistic. The fire kills and finishers were really cool at times too. Oh, and the giant kills. Those were brutal. There were some sections that seemed too easy, though.
Overall a movie with a lot of spirit and effort, some really cool setting utilization when it came to kills and fights, but set back by the animation in the first half. Keep it up, though, would love to see more Madness stuff like this!
Edit: oh, I just read the description, that's why the quality is so different.