Reviews for "Monsters"

great art

and im not just saying that cuz theres boobs iv seen a few of ur art already man u have a whole different world in ur mind and ur able to put it on paper or on the paint on ur computer ur a great artist and u should be doing this for money

. . .

the art itself is good, i guess you could just say im Bi#$% when it comes to people drawing naked girls like this... haha sorry, still very creative and good though.


Intruiging take on the invention of poets.

Well drawn. Good work.

hahaha, boobs

im pretty happy how the lineart came out too ;)

heh, you can see her....rectum =S

Very nice!

Awesome! I'm intrigued by this character. I think you should draw more of her.

By the way, what kind of creature is she?