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My heart was POUNDING with adrenaline when I played this. I didn't think I would have gotten that feeling from a game like this.

Not only were the mirror levels difficult, But The platform part of this game also became harder and harder as it went on. In the beginning, you were allowed to be sloppy, but then you needed you to use your double jumps and dashing as precisely as possible near the end.

I became more and more frustrated as I lost, but that just made me want to beat the game even more. I didn't get a satisfactory ending, but I made it to the end nonetheless.

Great game, great concept. Keep it up.

pretty good

A little too challenging for me. But I Iove the concept!

Wow. He gets progressively, aggressively uglier the more I preen him.
Even the false somehow turned into dead teeth, I had to pull em out.

That's it. I'm not cut out for this. I'm done.
If he wants to save the princess, he should get himself ready, and not his butler, before saving her. Not right on the spot in front of her. What princess is gonna want to watch that?

Other than that, great game :T

Wicked funny game! Good, tight controls, cute pixel art, and a funny twist with trying to doll yourself up for the princess before you rescue her, making for a great little spoof of the usual formula!