Reviews for "Cuboy Masters Music"


This song is really addictive and funny to listen to. you did a really great job. :) I don't think there is anything to improve on...that i can think of...


Man, how is it posible that all you do is grat?!


Pure genius lads, Good job, that songs great, extremely original..be proud mr arbuckle... be proud..

Makes me grin.

A brilliantly addictive tune for a classy flash.

Question: why don't you link your tunes from your flash submissions? Had I known I could save this to my hard drive, I'd have downloaded it straight after watching the episode!

Despite the repetitive main vocals, there's a good bit of variety in the background. The way you mix it up later on made me chuckle.

I like the deep 'bum be dum be dum' in the background at one point. Great string instrument - is that a guitar?

Your flash was near-flawlessly produced, maybe a tiny bit lacking in substance, bringing a smile and a great sense of style with it.

The same can be said for this tune.

EdibleCastle responds:

haha thanks for the kind words. yeah it's just an steel stringed acoustic guitar

Thanks and a request

I'm gonna be honest: I haven't heard the song I'm supposed to review, but I have listened to your other music, and I find it amazing. You are very talented, so I just want to say thank you for sharing your talent, every song of yours is incredibly enjoyable.
I have a request, which is why I'm writing you in this review, the newest one: could you post the lyrics of your songs? Especially "Fat people don't budge" and "Im gonna drink (500 pints)"? Or could you send them to my e-mail? English is not my first language, and even though I try so hard to understand the songs, this particular two are too fast, and some parts I find hard to decipher. My e-mail is navisjetgjley@hotmail.com. Of course, if you would like to send lyrics from other songs, like "Microweaveable meal" or "By her side", it would be great (the others are easier to understand for me). But the more "urgent" ones are the first two I mentioned.
Thanks in advance, you rock!
JessiMenendez xxx

PS: Sorry for my English.