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Reviews for "DJ B.a.r.- The CS Instrumental"


Super Awesome! Gun sounds only? That is so Ownage! whoa, gonna go to my favorites! Great, man! Try to make another one! RESPECT.

RefaelBA responds:

Lol thanks :) Perhaps a new track will be making its way to NewGrounds soon.

Gun shot sounds from CS!!!!!

Gun shot sounds from CS!!!!! COOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!11110/\/3
I used to play a lot of CS:S but i'm havin' a break right now i used the name Supa KILLAH Ub3R PWNZ0RZ


Would be great in a stick fight.


I like this alot! Keep going! :)


i gave effort an 8 cuz it souded like made this for fun in a way still a ten on overall!!!also i wanna ask a question...why does it say RefaelBA in our ccount butnot on song title?song title:Dj B.a.r.

RefaelBA responds:

Well thanks for your review!
First of all, I did make it for fun. It was a long while back, years ago actually. I was only getting to know the deeper sides of sound editing, and today I can do better. Perhaps you'd get to hear it soon :) As for the name issue, my stage name was always DJ B.A.R., which stands for my name: Ben-Ari Rafael (first name coming last). RefaelBA is just a username.
Glad you liked it!