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Reviews for "PULZE"

Lost interest around level 100, which really says something because I have a short attention span. Are there a finite amount of levels, or does an algorithm generate them endlessly? Solid game anyway

JoanMartinezClari responds:

II have created an artificial intelligence that analyzes your plays and creates levels based on how good you are. Your level 100 can be more complicated than another. But always create levels that can be solved in a logical way. It is this same intelligence that gives you logical clues when you hit the bulb. xD. Thanks

This is a wonderful puzzle game that's very easy to sink time into.

JoanMartinezClari responds:


“I think the last level is arround 150... Maybe.”

Me at level 201: "I think I've been had!"

Good game but I’m now convinced that there is no end.

JoanMartinezClari responds:

This game is only a demo. You can play the full game for Android.
Visit mi site on Google play for download the full game and more:

It's a unique puzzle game, it's like a brain teaser. You wouldn't play it for a long time, maybe when you're waiting for someone, in the morning etc...
The graphics are a simple design and something I am fond of. I think that the music is very fitting for this type of game and is calming.
Nice game bro.

Sencilla e interesante la idea, el juego entretenido, buen trabajo.