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Reviews for "Nothing"

Nice game! I liked the graphics and the concept (I'm fond of pixel art...)
It looks like you put a lot of effort in this one: I can see that in small details, like the little guy getting on his toes when tilting the camera up.
I'd love to see more from you... maybe something longer!
(P.s. the music was awesome!)

Great game! I love the retro art style and the whole thing is amazing for something done in 48 hours! One problem I have is that eventually the game causes my GPU process to start taking up 4,000,000 Kb according to my Google Chrome task manager. I'm playing via Google Chrome on a 4 Gb RAM laptop running Windows 10 x64 bit.

P.S. I swear that this was the only reason I didn't get the last medal, not the fact that I couldn't get past the white bars at the end of the platform course and kept falling to my death. Nope, not at all. XD

Okay, this game was really fun and charming! I enjoyed everything about it. The lowest number of deaths I could get was 4

This was super duper fun! Nice job!

Awesome idea and lots of great humor! I will definitely replay it to check out the upgrade icons I missed. By the way, that elevator music was a remix of "Girl from Ipanema" or was I hallucinating? Oh, I noticed one of the tags: how can it be possible to make a 1-bit game? XD