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Reviews for "Nothing"

Original Concept, excellent execution. Hard enough to challenge, humorous enough to amuse. A great way to kill 20 minutes or so.


It's A Game About Nothing! *seinfeld bass*

I loved this. It was fantastic from beginning to end and I see potential for this to be fleshed out more. Each power up gained was useful and at times quite hilarious. I loved the elevator music and the standard music I thought was fun, I was hoping to see it change more throughout the game. When I got to the cannonball area I kept trying to jump the cannonballs and I died multiple times. When I got to the end I got blasted again, then while I was trying to figure out the best strategy to do this I was just fiddling with my limited controls and remembered, oh right I can crouch. The controls were spot on. The humor was amazing. The design and concept of this game were brilliant. I want more.

|| Cheers ||
*Masterful Presentation
*Superb Sound
*Superb Music
*Masterful Concept
*Masterful Controls
*Masterful Gameplay

|| Jeers ||

An Overall fun and interesting experience. The art was charming and the power-up fun. It really adds that little bit of character to this game that makes it stand out. And to be done in 2 days, Impressive.

However; I did notice that the controls were a bit unresponsive at time. It would continue walking for a short bit even after I had taken my figure of the key. In addition, this may be bug, but on occasion when I would hit the key to reset back to the last checkpoint. It would crash. I played the game 3 times to see if it would happen and 2/3 it would crash upon trying to reset. It was quite odd.

None the less; A short and fun game, good job!

Love it. Would really like to see an extension of this, it's a really fun idea with a lot of potential. Liked all the joke powers too.