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Reviews for "Nothing"

this is great actually put it on steam i'll give you no more than $5 i love you


man somebody below me is butthurt

This game is absolutely awful. Everything in it feels so long. The death animation takes ages. After you unlock the ability to jump you have to wait ages to jump between platforms. After you unlock the ability to duck the game just turns itself into a joke where the punchline is being annoying as hell. There's a long elevator which is played as a "joke" without anything funny about it. You know that long climb up to a middle finger in LISA? That's funny because it forces you to climb back down instead of jumping. It's funny because you made the choice to climb it. This game takes that and strips it down to "haha wait long time = funny".

The idea behind this game is great. If only it were made by someone who also didn't make such awful platformers.

JoelLikesPigs responds:

git gud lol

not that good really should fix the dying by just touching the side of the crushers