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Reviews for "Nothing"

Great game.
The idea's cool and it was fun to get the satisfaction of finally being able to go right.
I was thinking of replaying the whole thing after I was able to go right and see what would happen if I got all of the power-ups but was too lazy since there wasn't anymore checkpoints and I'm not very good a gaming.

BaconButt can't stop hearing the squeaking... BaconButt thinks that this is one of those games with hidden agendas... It seems like they are trying to make us succumb to a base desire... Baconbutt no longer thinks... BaconButt will now spread the word of the squeak to the masses. SQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAK!

getting the catchy elevator music made my game crash 5 stars

edit: ok i found a glitch with the spiny platform if you stay on it long enough it'll shove you up the platform above it after that you are unable to move and killed by the spikes the platform then proceeds to go through the wall with your dead body still clinging to it

the elevator music is a famous brazilian song

Half of 5