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Reviews for "Nothing"

A fun little game! I enjoyed it, well done. :)

cool idea


I like this game a lot! I do wish that there was a secret if you don't get "super blue mode" and then go back for it and finish the game while in that mode, but it's still fun regardless! Interesting base concept as well, good job, creator!

I've played this game multiple times already, and I still get a kick out of it each time. My little cyclops dude is just goddamn adorable. I love that when I tilt the camera up, he stands on his tippy toes. The mechanic of starting out with... well, NO mechanics is pretty ingenious. All the different upgrades each had their own charm to them, and in my playthrough just prior to this review, I managed to go back around through everything and get an upgrade I never got before, the little radar. Granted, it was absolutely useless, but it was still something new to me. I think I may play this multiple times again in the future. It's THAT good.

In that same playthrough, though, I actually found a small glitch involving the platform that spins around on a chain. If you're positioned just right, you get shoved inside the floating platform above, unable to escape. I don't know if there was more to that glitch since I just reset back to my last checkpoint as soon as it happened, but just something to be wary of.

One last thing: Why are the smashy pillars so easy to die on? If you touch the side of it while it's moving, you're dead! If you jump on top of it while it's descending, you're dead! It's kinda dumb, but I don't think it's worth docking any stars because they're pretty easy to avoid when you're not a dumbass like me and you know what you're doing.

JoelLikesPigs responds:

Thanks for the review - much appreciated.

As for the smashy pillars, originally I made it so they wouldn't hurt when touching the sides of them - I think I even have a version of the game somewhere where it's still in. But playtesters found it super easy, too easy, so I rebalanced it.

Anyway thank you again for the review