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Reviews for "Nothing"

love it, interesting concept. howto make a game where you have only one directon you can go in. the pick ups, like collecting music and directions, etc, reminded me of Evoland so much. love the way he looks when he squats on the floor btw. Now all you need to do, is do a green Sam version for Jacksepticeye (& maye D0S81 yellow smiley version for my channel. lol.) great game, loved it. ludum dare and gamejams always bring out the best games. when you can create what you want, the games arent as good, but once you imposed limits of whatyou can do, thats when things get creative and interesting, and this is a perfect eample of that. well done.

haha good game go brrrrrrr

Welp i just completed the game with the %100 and give me nothing... thanks.
And yes, you can play it again and take all the upgrades.

this is fun! Thanks!

I won with the super secret blue thing, but nothing happened :( I thought something would trigger. it is possible to win with it.

Whoever wants to see how, react to my comment.