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Reviews for "Spooky Starlets BETA 0.2"

Really neat but the lack of a tutorial is really bad. I've spent a while basically trying to figure it out by trial and error but I'm still not sure if I'm doing things right half the time

I would like to play it but unity sucks and won't let me get past the start screen

It would be really great to actually get a tutorial

When I click the Start Game button (on the Title Screen) I get the following errors:

GC Warning: Failed to expand heap by 33562624 bytes
GC Warning: Failed to expand heap by 16781312 bytes
GC Warning: Out of Memory! Heap size: 106 MiB. Returning NULL!
uncaught exception: abort(143) at jsStackTrace@blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/90876b57-166d-4913-90b0-81b2f56b25f5:8:22313
The stack trace keeps going from there.

I really like the art, female voice actors, and the music. But the problem is its very confusing when you have no tutorials at beginning of the game, i hope the next update if there's is tutorials of the game so the beginners (like me) to know how this mechanics works of this game.