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Reviews for "Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (Public Alpha v0.12p)"

Remember the fist games where Reaika and the protagonist where siblings? Thats the only motive im not giving it 5 stars

I really love the idea of this game, to do "Persona-like" with porn and management. So I think there's a lot of potential. But so far, I think there are some problems :
1/ The girls' stories are really not interesting. If this game wants to be a Persona-like, I think an effort should be made in writing, with deeper plots. That's only an alpha so that's not a big problem for now, though.
2/ The girls' bodies are... quite problematic. The size of the breasts are really RIDICULOUSLY big. And, even if it's now a norm in porn games, there's not pubic hair at all for girls (but there's still a bit for the guy). Maybe some players like it, but well, that's my review and I find it quite disgusting ^^ so I hope there will be at least girls with a "normal" body in the future, which mean humanly possible breasts (and some pubic hair would be really nice too), and even little ones because tiny is also beautiful. :p And honestly, if the size can be reduced for the current girls, I really would be happy because I want to blind myself when I see them and this project still show great potential. XD
3/ Clicking on the rooms to have higher tips is really not a fun part of gameplay. I don't see the point.

These three things, mainly the second one, are the reasons why I don't contribute in Patreon. If I see improvements in these ways, I will probably contribute. :)

is there anyway to fix the uncaught error on newgrounds so i can play,if there is plz comment below