Reviews for "Bus Pit"

I am giving it 2 stars because first of all this is a 5 second loop gif, i refuse to call it a video.

Second, nothing happens, is a guy lucking an armpit how the hell did it got 1st place!? it doesn't even has nudity on it!

The style and coloring are nice, I like how the lines inside of the black outline are a shade of the skin tone for example. The animation isn't bad either.

On the downside, this is extremely short and more like something people used to put on their File Dump. I'm not going to lie, it does make me want to die a little bit that this got daily first (with "Kanna's Knockers" getting daily second). The sound effect is also pretty gross.

This is the price of freedom of speech

Hurray a gif! Besides my gripes with this being a porn loop getting daily first, nice coloring and smooth motion! Keep an eye on keeping things like the hand when keeping constancy with shapes.

Excuse me what the fuck