Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Mecha-T"

Mr.T wins again.

The pictures may have been cut off, and some of the animation shit but that just adds to the humour. I have a soft spot for low rate videos with real comedy, and adding tenatious D was fucking hilarious.


Oh my god thats hilarious. it flows well with all the other Mr.T movies. I love how it had a twist at the end.

OWNAGE!! Haha, the fusion part was great

When is a new one coming uP?

Mr.T Vs Mecha-T/Newman

I laughed my head off when I saw Newman from Seinfeld in this movie. I laughed even harder when Tencious D showed up. Also, Kramer saving Mr.T, with a STICK! And then, to top it of, Newman is throwen by Mr.T to Spiceworld with Megatron. Mr.TPug, you are awsome. I wish you didn't stop making them. But what can you do?

Pothead movie.

To fully enjoy this, you have to be stoned. But, when you are, it is like a hollywood rendition of the A-Team.