Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Mecha-T"

Mr. T Series is great.

I love this series. This one wasn't as great as the others, but it was still good. I love how you've established Professor Hawking's exit as flying off; cracks me up everytime. Keep up the great work.



Now this is comedy

I liked the fusion thing. And the transformer Spice world combe really is hell. The only bad part is the pasted on pics. If could of at least made them move.

Helluva funny!

Yeah! Good job! In the end, the T will always prevail... You made a good job in taking an old topic, and making an incredibly refreshing and funny flash.
I must say that I loved to see the Tenacious D... They rock.

Good Stuff

Just like your other movies, this ones jsut as funny!