Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Mecha-T"


I don't know what some people's problem is, but just because something isn't drawn properly doesn't make it bad. Its just hilarious to see loads of my favourite old TV chracters in a show so weird that its hilarious. Keep it up, and bring in some even better crossovers!

With Karate I'll kick your ass...

from here to Tianamen Square. Oh yeah, mother-fucker, I'm gonna kick your fucking dierEEEEreRE. YOU BROKE THE RULES, NOW I'll PULL OUT ALL YOUR PUBIC HAIR!!

Best Mr.T animtion ever.

This one is so damn funny! This is quite possibly your best yet! The introduction of Tenacious D fusion was hilarious!

Just plain funny

All ya need is Mr. T for something to be funny...another one of the mysteries of the universe. Really funny Flash video, good work!


Even Mr. T gets dbz references, what's the world coming too? DBT or Mr. Z?