Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Mecha-T"

Not as good as the previous

I think it's because the idea of Mecha T is a little lame... please have Mr. T destroy some other popular icons rather than a replica of himself... However, I did laugh like hell when the "D" and his sidekick fused into Bruce Lee... now to think of it... Bruce Lee should be Mr. T's ally, he's also helluva tough you know! I think this is just a prelude to Mr. T Vs Unicron... I will be anxiously anticipating for that one! Oh yeah, Stephen Hawking at the beginning was a riot too.

Good Stuff

This just shows that good Flash doesn't necessarily have to have real animation. Great stuff, not too funny too me, just kinda goofy. But I liked it. Only suggestions I can think of are to cut the characters out a little neater and to buy a microphone so I don't ware out my eyes.


Not bad...

I quite enjoyed seeing KG and JB show up in there...

Mr. T is the best

I'm a fan of this Mr.T episodes. I can't wait for the next. Your characters, Bush, his monkey. This serie is already a classic for me in newgrounds. Good Job, Fool!!

You just can't do any better than Mr. T!!

Anything that has Mr. T, Tenacious D, AND Transfomers is cool in my book! This Flash kicks major ass!!