Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Mecha-T"

Pretty damn funny

Watching those animations put me in mind of watching a B-movie - not like Strawberry Clock's B, I'm talking about an old skool film term for a film that was so bad intentionally that it was funny, like the works of Ed Wood. I gave this a 7 because Mr. T kicked the ass of two of the most annoying things of the last decade - Howard Stern and a character from Seinfeld. I would have scored this easily a 9 if Bruce Lee had freed Mr. T and then both Kramer and Newman went to Mars. Anyways, it was still pretty damn funny and I can't wait to see the next one.

i....i..... i dont know where to start

i thought i was getting a great thing, then the sinfeld kicked in (its misspelled for a reason SIN) nothing i hate more, but it got more and more bad from there, dont get me wrong, i love mr t (drink your milk kids) and i love T.D., and transformers, but man, have you no shame, some things cant go to gether, its not right, i respect your artistic needs,, but not at this expence, i liked it, but i hated it more than that. and the next one of you sorry bastards that says i cant review your movie, remember ebert and roper never made a movie, and they review them, so get over it bitches, i dont have the time to make flash, i respect what you do, but some things you submit beg to be heckeld and shamed, so fuck off!

Mr.T is god

I really enjoyed that movie for some odd reason. Mr.T is always away to score big with the fans. You know with the top sellies! well so long my poop sliceS!


I love your movies that you've done. You put alot of work into them, and they're funny. Also, they have lots of funny pop culture in them.

Pretty cool and different

Thought the movie was pretty understandable and different from a lot of things on here. The graphics could've been better with more motion but overall I thought it wasnt half bad.