Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Mecha-T"


This is the Daily Feature? This was the best thing submitted yesterday? I beg to differ. The story was kind of clever, could use some work, but the thing holding everything back was the graphics. Tenacious D in there was just obligatory and not very effective. Stephen Hawking however was hilarious and merits you an automatic two points.

It was good....

But it wasn't as funny as Mr. T vs. Megatron. I think because there was less Mr. T and more other people. Although, Bruce Lee was a good thing.


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cool but u should put more sound into the motions it be much better!


i like these movies
and i wonder why they don't get one "series content"

keep making em please, thanks! good job, great. try to make little more animations in the next episodes

HAhaha Its so lame its funny