Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Mecha-T"


I absolutely LOVE these Mr. T movies. KEEP UP THE HILARIOUS WORK!


i love mr.t and i loved this movie , it wasnt some other mr.t movies where it sucks ass crack , but this one rocked m i dont know why the guy beforeme said it suck , probably cuz he a gay ass motha fucker , i cant wait till the next episode , but one thing the dude said before me was , yea , it does need a few more sound clips

Not half bad.

This was alright, on thing that stuck out about it with me was the TPug in Mr. Tpug Producttions. But more on that later.

One thing that would have made this better would be the use of more vocalizations. A few random words out of Kramer and Newman would have made the shitty animation really funny.

Its nice in the fact that its more than 2 minutes long much like a lot of shit on here, and it doesnt take entirely too long to load either. Not really mcuh more too say though, so on to the TPug part now.

Mr. TPug Productions, I noticed this alot. It made me remember some really, OLD shit...

Perhaps it's just coincidence, perhaps not. There used to be an old BBS back during the days of 300 and 1200 BPS modems called TPug BBS (there was also an old hacker group of the same name, which ran the BBS). My uncle used to run it alot on his old Commodore 64. I used to have assloads of Demo's from that old BBS on 5 1/4 Floppy, but tragically they were all destroyed in a flood.

This is just a random note to add, is all. It just made me think for a second.

funny stuff

everytime you make one of these they keep getting better and better all i got to say is keep up the good work

you should heep it up.

man that was great keep it up. how long i cant wait for the next one.