Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Mecha-T"


Its really good... just, lower the sound quality and you will DRASTICALLY lower the filesize.

Mr. T and Gary kick ass!

Don't worry Gary, Mr.t wont give you anymore heart attacks! Buh-Nayna! oh and by the way......MY NAME IS DARYL!!!

hmm... PROPA FOO!

if theres three things i love... their Mr.T,Mc Hamma,Jack Black and TRANS FUCKING FORMERS!!!! dispite lack of mc hammer (wich should be in your next movie) this one kicked ass!

Legendary Frog was screwed.

The movie itself was OK. It was pretty funny. However you can tell that you didnt put a ton of work in it. It was all just cuts from shows and movies, but I am usually OK with that. The movie was pretty funny I must say... but there was one thing I totally loathed about this... the fact it was pick of the day! This didnt deserve pick of the day! The only reason it was pick of the day is because the server was screwy the day it came out. I dont think the movie itself was bad or anything, but you all have too admit with me that I Am Resident Evil was the true Pick of the day, it was screwed out of it because the server was screwy. Either way, the movie was pretty good, not bad. In conclusion, the movie is OK, but I am Resident Evil was the true Pick of the Day.


Good: Mr T. Ain't nobody cooler with a tone of jewelry and a reverse mohawk. Newman's punishment was perfect. Spice world.... Decepticons. hee hee. Liked the overall goofiness.

Bad: Sucky plot holes. Din't anybody tell you what Deus Ex Machina is? Why, would Kramer be able to pop the forcefield with a sharp stick? Fortunately the bad graphics distrated from the plot holes.