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Reviews for "Black, White and Red All Over: No Evil 035"

What is Xipe Totec's Fire Stick Saying?

That was great! I admit that some bits of animation could have been better. Maybe the blood in the water. It's a shame I haven't been following this too much. Well, it's great to have a story. This is the 2010's!

All cartoons have that! The voices are as good as ever. This really does have a deep mythology. The title does make sense. Why is it never spelled as "read"?

It was so nice to see Murder. I was wondering what had happened to her back in And The Raven Brought Fire video, as it was never explicitly show or stated if she died to save the village or what, so it was nice to see that come around full circle and hear what happened to her. I've always loved your No Evil series, and you always seem to improve in some shape or form with each video whether in VA, animation, technique, storytelling, or music layout. I eagerly look forward to see where the plot further takes us. Keep up the hard work! Much love to you and your whole team.

Waitin' for russian version sooooo muck! KITTY NEW RED TEZ AWESOME!!!

Title had me thinking Pokemon, but happy it was pretty much as far from parody as you could get! This world just gets all the more unique with each of these... love the background ambience too. How often do you really listen to crickets these days.

Great episode.