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Reviews for "Black, White and Red All Over: No Evil 035"

So those, uh, red-stringed tag things with the skulls on them. What are they exactly and why does the characters have a free pass to one?

There should be a game of this.
Why aren't you making a game of this?

Neet world and story. I'd have to say that you could work on preportions with all the super thick limbs and at times follow up with limbs getting turned into spaghetti but all around I enjoyed this and I see that you are good at world building and you could also work on voice acting as well.

...HUUUEY! That was quite the trip!

I see a rule of opposites following the story. So far, we have a spirit of water (Calamity), fire (Kitty?), light (Quetzacouatl), darkness (Charles), knowledge (Ichabod), heart (Huey), direction (Vinkle), and misdirection (Wrip). I wonder what Amaroq embodies.