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Reviews for "Solid Sticks 2"


Shoved his head up his ass O: awsome lol

Pretty Good

Get a life, If you can list all of those moves from fighting video games your a coach potato and a half.
Another thing,
There fighting moves for fuck sakes, how original can you get when everything been done already!?
The originality in this is what his character's are.
kudos to the author and his work its looking good so far and If you ask me there looks to be an improvement fromt he first tot he second already.


pretty good but you can't use the same main character as the victor every time, if you keep on making the main character win, your flashes become to predictable.
friendly advice take it or don't, just trying to help you out.


i think its original how the main character is white, or plain compared to the different colored enemies.

No, this fails in many areas, and I'll tell you Y.

Not to bust any chops here or anything, but this isn't great.
Your "solid stick" fights have a lots of non creativity to them.
I haven't seen 3 or the others yet, but these first two are not the slightest
bit impressive at all. All of your moves or attacks are from something else.
So far, the moves belong to Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Soul Calibur, or Bloody Roar,
With a lot of them coming from Bloody Roar. The last move from the first one was
Gado's uppercut special. Then there was also Alice's soccer special, and Long's / Shinlong's tiger rush combo. I must say, if you aren't going to be creative, at least give credit where credit is due, man.