Reviews for "PUMP"

This is a great Halloween game! I love the style, music, and pretty much everything about it. I'm glad those bonus levels weren't a part of the main game because the last one was especially tough! Overall, it's just a really nice, short game.

The art for this is really solid, such a good use of low color palette!

I can tell a lot of love was put into this

Though I cant believe I'm saying this but how do you get past the spikes in the third level? I tried jumping and stuff but theres no control saying otherwise

mmattugh responds:

How the spikes work is inspired by Spelunky.

They will only kill you if you fall onto them, but if you just walk you will be unharmed :D.

I wouldn't worry about it, it's a little different. Have fun :D!

Jogo manero cara

This game is awesome! I love the base game, but the bonus levels are fun. The graphics are great, as well! Good job, man. Keep up the good work!