Reviews for "PUMP"

Really nice game, I like how the audio droops upon death. I also love the level design and how the difficulty increases with each level. And the after gsme levels, nice. Got stuck at Hmmmm round

Wonderful bite-sized platformer, the pumpkin fellow is adorable! The controls were responsive and there was a pretty decent amount of variety for such a short game. Overall a great little Halloween treat :D

Cool game! I finished all levels!

Beat it plus the bonus levels. Bonus levels were even neater. Shouldn't have dismissed them as dumb levels though, they were neat.

mmattugh responds:

Glad you liked them!

I considered them dumb since I felt like they were unbalanced.

I made it to Dumb Level "HMMM" before I gave up. Good little game for sure, but a little trying on my patience. But the fact that I made it that far says something. I normally give up waayy sooner.