Reviews for "PUMP"

Really good.
I enjoyed how simply but fun it is.

Cool little game. The graphics are nice pixelart and the overly happy pump that looks like he prolly gets a kick out of swinging a huge club is adorable. Music fits really well with the theme of being halloween-y in more of a whimsically fun than scary or disturbing way. Most of the levels are pretty easy peasy but it does start to get challenging at the end, and the overall physics and controls seem fluid.

IDK if it was a bug or an intentional design feature but on the spamattacktofly (or smth like that) level I couldn't fly all the way across by spamming but I did somehow end up landing on the spikes safely while spamming and just walked across to finish that level. So yeah I cheated :3 (Using Chrome on Windows in case that's any help, and that was after dying correctly on the spikes a few times so probably a sorta rare event)



I love it!

Nice short game...the artwork was nice and simple.
Really like those last levels