Reviews for "PUMP"

LOVED THIS! The graphics were great, as usual! The mechanics weren't so hard to figure out, and I had a great time. The two enemies were well introduced (zombies and black widows)! Good work! Everything was introduced at the right time. The best part is when I figured out you can smack the ghosts for extra points. That's all I wanted to do after a level was basically done! It's the little things, right?

The second "Dumb level" you actually have to abuse a game mechanic. If you attack in the AIR, it will slow down your fall speed more than the distance, so you can clear the gap if you spam X.

(Tell ConnorGrail that the soundtrack is AWESOME!)

10/10, would recommend. 5 stars to you!

This is a great Halloween game! I love the style, music, and pretty much everything about it. I'm glad those bonus levels weren't a part of the main game because the last one was especially tough! Overall, it's just a really nice, short game.

The art for this is really solid, such a good use of low color palette!

I can tell a lot of love was put into this

Though I cant believe I'm saying this but how do you get past the spikes in the third level? I tried jumping and stuff but theres no control saying otherwise

mmattugh responds:

How the spikes work is inspired by Spelunky.

They will only kill you if you fall onto them, but if you just walk you will be unharmed :D.

I wouldn't worry about it, it's a little different. Have fun :D!

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