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Reviews for "Reap-Tirement"

Not bad. Original Concept-

piratechipgames responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

really fun. Janky as hell though.

Not too shabby! At the moment it feels like its missing a little something special to it, but it's solid enough. Feels a little haphazard and disjointed in terms of theme: we've got this story about death, but we're jumping around clinging to frog tongues and such. Platforming is cool in terms of obstacles and challenges, especially the wall jumps, but it also feels a bit too fast and sharp for me to comfortably and skillfully handle the characters in a good-feeling way. Looking forward to more!

piratechipgames responds:

Thanks for playing and providing valuable feedback! -Ibrahim

good game but i dont know how to get past the first jump of level 2 no matter what i do can you please tell me what to do

EDIT:nevrmind i found out how to do it it was pretty simple

Very laggy - delay on jumping and moving in general. Decent concept though and I dig the 8-bit graphics

piratechipgames responds:

Uploaded a new version with improved performance, seeing quite the jump in framerate in comparison to the old version on my old laptop. Let me know if it's any better for you!