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Reviews for "Reap-Tirement"

The jank is dank with this one.. It's alright... Could be better.. Powerups? Checkpoints? Non-respawning skeletons or coins? Lots of room for improvement. This is the sort of game that reminds me that, aside from bad games, there's good ones, and great ones. Looking forward to version updates. It isn't "unfun" but it's a little hmm, "boring", with how repetitive things get between deaths. For what it's worth I gave up around level 6.. There are other games I have to play today to meet my quota. Keep working on games, and developing your talents. There's potential in you yet to awaken.

really fun. Janky as hell though.

Shame that when you get a checkpoint and you die, everything spawns back up :/ aside of that, nice game!

piratechipgames responds:

Glad you liked it for the most part!

That has definitely been the most common feedback for this game. I kinda wanted collectibles to have an extra layer of challenge to them where you can beat a level without them, but if you want to get them you have to last from start to finish of a level without dying.

I feel like with how many there are and the counters being in level it almost makes them feel required to beat the level or that they are more important than they actually are. I could have done a better job communicating this mechanic to the player.

Thanks again.

- Ibrahim