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Reviews for "AIM - The Lonely Hermit"

I missed this earlier! I love it :D
It's a really emotional and effective sound!
Good luck :)

EctiBot responds:

Thanks for the review Lucid, really glad u liked it :)

Wow I'm glad that list of free kontakt libs from Peter's thread does justice, that free instruments don't mean bad music. Excellent track, well deserved first place. Awesome work. :)

EctiBot responds:

Kudos to you and Peter. Used to think it was impossible to make orchestral music without spending 1000s of dollars before that thread came along.
Really glad you enjoyed it :D.

Well this is just lovely. Reminds me of Tomb Raider! Some of these VSTs sound very familiar. It's gorgeous.

EctiBot responds:

Really glad you liked it :D!! I totally forgot to write in the description, but I use a Lap Harp library in this that might sound VERY familiar to you ;), really like the sound of it :D.
Thanks for the feedback!

Great song. I like how it tells a story. You can really picture the hermit wandering through a vast landscape, going home, eating, going out again, by the sound of it, it doesn't end well. I like there are all these sounds, but no voices. That really emphasizes it's about a hermit, because you can picture him doing all these things without talking to anyone. The sample's aren't of great quality indeed. Some of the sounds really blown up. Like overcompressed, or badly recorded. The brass especially don't sound realistic. It's quite a feet that despite the limitations, you've been able to create such a great song with them. I'm glad to discover your music.

EctiBot responds:

Thanks for the feedback, really glad you enjoyed it :D. One of the prizes for winning A.I.M was an orchestral library, so now I finally have high quality samples I can use, and I can hopefully create better music in the future :D.

This is beautiful, Ectisity. This piece tells a story and I love the way you integrate foley or "real-world" sounds with the music. Damn, I wish I knew half of what you did. Was there a hint of Scarborough Fair in there? Or at least a very nice Dorian melody? Great work. I'm not surprised this won AIM!

EctiBot responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it :D.
Ahh, you sir are an angel. I honestly thought I made the melody it myself, but it's clearly inspired by Scarborough Fair. Think it was the theme song of a british childrens show I watched as a kid.