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Reviews for "AIM - The Lonely Hermit"

This is difficult to listen to by itself, but it's quite cinematic and resembles the art appropriately. The selection and usage of instruments, combined with the ambiance, work together to effectively portray a vivid, yet ambiguous story. This is the first time I've heard eating sounds in a cinematic track, and it sounds pretty cool!

I really like that you didn't take inspiration from the art at face value. For example, in the art, the sky is mostly clear and bright, yet in your track, the weather changes, which is indicated by the harsh winds and rain ambiance. Additionally, the character in the art is outside, yet your track contains eating sounds, which makes me think that the character either walked to the houses in the distance, or he's standing in front of a house or building, which would explain the shadow and the stone path.

The ending is nice and conclusive; there's no uncertainty there.

EctiBot responds:

So glad you noticed the details in this :D. Tried to make this kind of a dynamic continuation of the art.
I'll leave it up to the imagination whether the man is walking to the building in the distance or to the house behind him( I also imagined there had to be a building behind him :D). I can at least say that he is down by the water at some point and the character does walk into a house.

In the top left of the picture there are some dark-looking clouds. As these clouds get pushed over the mountain, it would begin to rain.

Glad you liked my wonderful lip smacks XD.
Thanks for the review :)!