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Reviews for "AIM - The Lonely Hermit"

Wow I'm glad that list of free kontakt libs from Peter's thread does justice, that free instruments don't mean bad music. Excellent track, well deserved first place. Awesome work. :)

EctiBot responds:

Kudos to you and Peter. Used to think it was impossible to make orchestral music without spending 1000s of dollars before that thread came along.
Really glad you enjoyed it :D.

I missed this earlier! I love it :D
It's a really emotional and effective sound!
Good luck :)

EctiBot responds:

Thanks for the review Lucid, really glad u liked it :)

I actually think I prefer this to your usual vein of work. It shows a sensitivity and freedom of expression rarely seen. ASMR elements make for an unusual exploration of sound, which I feel very much represents a story. I will say that the eating bit absolutely annoyed the SHIT out of me as a misophone who normally listens to music at obscenely loud volumes in order to ignore eating noises -- eating noises which were currently going on around me. Subtracting half a star as I was supremely disturbed by that part. Very good piece, though. Thoroughly enjoyed.

EctiBot responds:

Dunno if I'll be able to make something like this again, but I certainly hope so :D.
Glad you liked it :D

It really gets interesting at 20 seconds in when you use those strings as a pedal point while the harp has that motif. Good "setting the stage" kind of piece with a nice sense of intrigue. It's a bit more ambient in the cinematic way as well. Sometimes a bit too sparse at moments for my liking, but the overall theme is enjoyable.

EctiBot responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it :

Very nice, but at the beginning it kind of rings in the mids a little too much with the strings. Other than that, this shows a lot of depth with atmosphere, I love the sounds. It brings a great atmosphere, and reflects the picture greatly, bringing it to life. It sounds more like a movie score with the sounds, or for an animation. It's very ASMR material. Very interesting.

This is very impressive, and different. I love it. I love the transitions too. Amazing job!

EctiBot responds:

Wow, thanks :D. Really glad you felt that it brought the picture life :D. Tried to make it like a continuation of the art where the character walks around the landscape and it begins to rain from the dark clouds over the mountain.
Get what you said about the strings. I'll try to lower some of them a bit.
Thanks for the review :).