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Reviews for "Goofy's Trial - MOONSHINE Edition"

This was done very well. You can tell this took time and great effort to make this work. I love it.


You took this and completely got it to another level, you're a genius!

This is an amazing animation. It's like I'm watching stop motion by Knox, taken up to 11. Ah, you probably don't know who Knox is, but that's okay. This was still amazing. Keep up the good work. Uh, but the storyboard was a bit skewed. Why would Micky need an evidence disposal team, when Goofy is so freaking guilty, he's practically admitting it? According to the television report, while scrooge and co problem were being "solved", Goofy was found guilty ANYWAY. Anything caught by the CCTV evidence (which the judge already had), couldn't be made anymore damning than what Goofy was being recorded for by Dale. A cutaway at the end of Goofy's son Max, being sad, or mad, or something, also would have been a nice touch.

moonshineanimations responds:

Robert Benfer? Knox Klay World? I grew up watching his work.

Excellent job! The animation is well done.