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Reviews for "Cube Mission"

This is a really interesting little game. The concept is simple on the surface, but reveals a subtle complexity as you go. Visually it is very nice. Crisp visuals in calming shades. The music was also selected very well, kind of soothing but pensive at the same time. I did get stuck hanging off the edge while attached to a block, so I was glad to find a "restart" button handy. I like the simple medals and look forward to earning more of them. Really all around this feels like a very well polished project. You obviously put a lot of effort into this.

Generally a good game. One question though, about the behavior of the cube: why lots of times the cube keeps moving despite I am not pressing one directional key at all or I am already pressing another one?


Seeing NeonSpider's review I came up with this theory: for me the game worked quite well, maybe only a bit slow sometimes, but not to the point of a massive lag. Every level is playable. But indeed the game is slowing down at some points and it may happen that it is reading the keyboard input with a delay-or rather the results of the keys pressed are displayed with a delay, so the cube is moving not because of the key you are currently pressing but because of the key you were pressing parts of a second earlier. This made some levels a bit more difficult, because you actually had to predict the movement of the cube.

MrNannings responds:

Thanks. I don't know why that happens.

Nice, easy, but not too easy, pleasant game.

The ending was so cute!

A bit graphically intensive for a browser game, should probably have adjustable graphics settings. Good game none the less.